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Bar Stool Preacher Album Review

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Velvet Thunder: “If you like the Outlaw end of country, if you love the way the Allman Brothers Band could just kick back and rock for a 25 minute jam without leaving third gear, if you get your rocks off on The Outlaws kicking out Green Grass And High Tides – if you tick any or all of these boxes, this album is waiting on the jukebox for you in your favorite bar with a cold one and a whiskey chaser…” – Read the full review here.


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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Country rocker Jacob Bryant debuted at the Grand Ole Opry tonight, just one month after the release of his Bar Stool Preacher album. Bryant was announced by Grand Ole Opry member and No. 1 Billboard charting artist, Mark Wills. His powerful performance of “Heartbeat” and “Sometimes I Pray” received a standing ovation from the audience. Read full article here.

Bar Stool Preacher

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When all said and done, though, this is a feelgood record, “Wash It Down” (my money was on whiskey, it turns out it was Beer and a country song) makes that clear, but its also one that sees Bryant talk about his beliefs. There are two “gospel” songs, if you will, and while they will never be my “thing”, you have to acknowledge the passion with which “Baptized By The River” (as he bargains with the lord to be safe in a storm) and the even better “Amen” are delivered. That last one – also the last on the record – sees Bryant caught up in the music machine and end in a police cell.

I am going to assume there’s a truth to this, and if there is, then let me just say, that we should thank whatever brought him back to music to make this. “Bar Stool Preacher” is – whatever your beliefs – a sensational record. Read more here.

Grand Ole Opry Debut

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Jacob Bryant, debuted at the Grand Ole Opry on Friday, February 18, just one month after the release of his Bar Stool Preacher album. Bryant was announced by Grand Ole Opry member and No. 1 Billboard charting artist, Mark Wills.

Naturally, he was a little overwhelmed and went straight to singing his swoon-worthy, powerful romantic ballad “Heartbeat.”

In between his two-song debut, Bryant admitted, “God knows how to make a grown man cry, don’t he? I had a long conversation with (Opry members) Mark Wills and Ricky Skaggs, which is absolutely insane. It was about understanding why God put me right here, right now. And this song right here is for God. It’s called ‘Sometimes I Pray.’” Read more here.